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Indian Sweets

Indian Sweets
Picture of ESPIRE SPICES Shakar para 800gm

ESPIRE SPICES Shakar para 800gm


ESPIRE SPICES Shakar para 800gm | It is Fresh & Pure | 100 % Veg. | ESPIRE SPICES We Works! Because We Have QUALITY | Storage instructions keep in a cool and dry place

Picture of TIP TIP Handmade Crispy Gajak 200 gm

TIP TIP Handmade Crispy Gajak 200 gm


Rajasthan Famous and Rajasthani Crispy & flaky Gajak and Chikki Snacks from the traditional Brand TIP TIP ? | Handmade Gajak from purified and finest sesame seed and jaggery ? 100% Natural & Veg and No added preservatives, no added colour ? | Jaggery contains a lot of iron & is a natural hemoglobin booster. Jaggery is good for digestion & good natural cleansing agent for the body, it is being used in India as natural after meal or dessert for ages. Gajjak which is a natural combination of jaggery & Sesame seeds works as a great natural energy booster for a healthy life. ? | Gajak is natural and healthy food which is kid-friendly and perfect Indian traditional snacks. It is best & fit for fasting, Upwas and gifting on festivals. It is a traditional yet healthy Indian snack, mithai. ? | Best before 4 months from packing under prescribed storage condition and consume immediately after the opening ?. Store in the cool, dry dark and hygienic place keep away from keep snacks in an airtight box after opening ?