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Dals & Pulses

Dals & Pulses
Picture of MonBangla Premium Handmade Chalkumro Bori (250g)

MonBangla Premium Handmade Chalkumro Bori (250g)


MonBangla Brings you the unique ChalKumoro Bori, Handmade from premium quality Urad dal and Ash gourd paste with salt and spice sundried. | HYGIENICALLY PACKED WITH ALL EMPLOYEES WEARING MASK AND GLOVES.SOCIAL DISTANCING NORMS AS OUTLINED BY GOI ARE FOLLOWED AT OUR DELIVERY CENTER | 100% natural, chemical free & is superior in quality, Pure vegetarian. No Preservatives used | Best before 180 days from date of packing. store in an dry place. | 100% natural, chemical free & is superior in quality. Each batch is carefully processed and packed to ensure the authentic flavour and texture. Ash gourd pulp is ground with urad dal along with salt & spices, which is then sun dried to crips.

Picture of PushpBangla Premium Handmade Bengali Matar Dal Bori (Peas Bori) (250 gm)

PushpBangla Premium Handmade Bengali Matar Dal Bori (Peas Bori) (250 gm)


CONTENT: 250 gm premium Matar dal or Peas Bori(wadi) in a sealed reusable airtight container jar. 100% pure vegetarian product. NO artificial chemical used. NO preservatives used. Best before 6 months from the date of packaging. Store it in airtight container. | PREPARATION PROCESS: Handmade by local self-employed group using fine quality Matar dal. The Matar dal is itself 100% chemical free and procured directly from local farmers. These healthy boris are sundried before being ready for packaging. Packed in sealed pouches before shipping. | PROTIEN RICH HEALTHY DAL: These sun-dried Boris made from Matar dal are a rich source of protein. Eat them regularly to increase your protein intake. Matar dal itself is a nutritious, protein rich with extra iron content. | COOKING USAGE: Just fry it and use it as a quick crispy side dish for your meals. Add these boris to your regular dishes to enhance their taste. Goes well with Maacher Jhol, Sukto, Aloo Bori Jhol and many other Bengali and other Indian cuisines. Add to all kinds of sabjis as additional item. | QUALITY AND HYGIENE: We at PushpBangla brand take pride in our quality and hygiene process to bring you nothing but the best boris for you and your loved ones. We make these quality boris fresh regularly so that only the fresh boris reach you. All packets are inspected manually for quality and weight before shipping out.