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Picture of Deluxe Wood Handicrafts Bamboo Wooden toothpicks // Natural // Table Tooth Picks

Deluxe Wood Handicrafts Bamboo Wooden toothpicks // Natural // Table Tooth Picks


Versatile toothpicks - These toothpicks can be used for cleaning your teeth, for applying glue to and cleaning tight grooves on the body of electronic gadgets, for checking the level of doneness of cakes and brownies during baking also as cocktail, for cleaning kitchen sink grooves, and for various art craft projects. | Pure toothpick - Our decorative edged toothpicks are made from pure wood making them sturdy, durable and suitable for vegans. The smoothly finished natural toothpicks do not cause gum reactions or damage | Toothpicks for all occasions - Our toothpicks for teeth are useful for every party and event including birthdays, Yuletide, gender reveal, fathers? and mother? day celebration, picnics on the beach, camping trips, and so on. Your guests will be thrilled with the top-notch quality of these unique devices. | Allergy and Odor-Free - Smooth and free of any awful smell they, only have a short-lived faint whiff. They are not preserved with any additives or chemicals capable of causing allergies or reactions. They are safe for the entire family Includes a clear plastic holder and lid for your convenience | Travel-Friendy plastic packaging - Our skewers are in two clear plastic containers ideal for safe storage and easy packing while on a journey. Our great value bundle means that every guest is covered at your upcoming family BBQ get-together