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BB Creams

BB Creams
Picture of Rosenia Ayurveda BB Cream, 50 GM

Rosenia Ayurveda BB Cream, 50 GM


IMPART NATURAL DEWY TEXTURE: Rosenia Ayurveda BB Cream have saffron which imparts a natural dewy texture to skin. | ANTI AGEING, MOUISTURISES SKIN: Green Tea is know for its anti ageing properties, rosenia ayurveda bb cream has green tea as one of main ingredients which also moisturises the skin. | LIGHTENS AND BRIGHTENS SKIN: With Lavender in BB Cream, It Removes dead skin cell and make skin healthier thus resulting in a lighten and brighten skin. | CONCEALS SKIN IMPERFECTIONS: Evens skin tone, hides dark circles, covers acne scars, blemishes, pimples and spots. | DAILY USE BB CREAM With SPF: Rosenia Ayurveda BB Cream is made of all natural ingredients,Its Daily use gives you even out texture without harming your skin.